Do you want to see more CLOSED signs on your Public Lands.......
Will you do something easy to keep your Public Lands OPEN?

Battles are being fought right now that will determine the
future of Access to Your Public Lands.
No More Trail Closures

Millions of acres of public lands have been closed to most forms of recreation. Anti Access groups are pushing for millions more to be closed to you and your family.

Today we have rare opportunities to keep our Public Lands open for our families and our children……….

If More People Speak Up

One person can make a difference……You can make a difference

ACTION PROGRAM to Preserve Access to Your Public Lands  

Here are some Easy things you can do to help STOP the Closure of Your Public Lands

SPEAK UP-We need more people to speak up, so urge your friends to Take Action to Stop their public lands from being closed. Give them a copy of this Action Program

VOTE-Our elected officials are the ones who make laws and decisions on our behalf

Vote FOR public officials who support access for all on public lands

Vote AGAINST officials who ignore your desires to keep public lands open to all.

JOIN a Local club or organization that represents your interests and support their efforts to Stop Trail Closures

MEETINGS are extremely important. That along with written comments are where you have the opportunity to shape the plans for your public lands. Many people do not have the time or desire to do this. If that is you then please be sure to donate to your local organization to help them do it for you.

SUPPORT pro access legislation- There are a number of pro access bills right now -Click Here for info

CALL your elected officials.  It only takes a minute and tell them you want your Public Lands to be open for all forms of recreation. They want to hear from you.  -Click here to enter your zip code and call

MEET your elected officials.  They probably have an office right in your town and they want to hear from you. It only takes about a half hour, but makes a big difference. Not many people take the time to do this so they figure that each person who meets with them represents 10,000 other voters. -Click here to enter your zip code and call

Here is a video you can show them about why they need to help Preserve Access to Public Lands

FACEBOOK is an easy way to let legislators know how you feel. Just look up your legislators FaceBook page and post a comment or urge them to support a bill or thank them for supporting one. Legislators give FaceBook a good deal of weight, so use this easy tool to make a difference. Get your kids to post too!

DONATE to organizations that are fighting to keep public lands open to all on State and National levels

SHARE the trails. Respect others right to enjoy public lands. Slow down and say hello when you pass others on the trail.  Working together different forms of recreation can stop the closures of our public lands

People United to Save The Trails

Join the movement to Preserve Access to Your Public Lands
and spread the word,  “No More Trail or Road Closures!"

See Videos from the 2012 Rally

Read more about the Rally to Preserve Access to Public Lands

Thanks-Your friends at Save The Trails

Donations are appreciated to help fund the SaveTheTrails campaigns

Save The Trails campaigns have been endorsed by National Off Road Association, California Four Wheel Drive Association, CORVA, Friends of Forest Hills OHV Trails, Citizens For Balanced Use, Friends of Tahoe Forest Access, Nevada County Woods Riders, Friends of the High Lakes, People for the Protection of Western Heritage, Rubicon Trail Foundation, Citizens for Public Access and others.

Please join your local, state & national club so they can help represent you!!

Save The Trails!!

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