Release of Unsuitable Wilderness Lands 

Over twenty years ago millions of acres of Public Lands were determined to be unsuitable for Wilderness designation, yet decades later these lands have still not been released back to their intended uses.
Send a letter now to support this legislation so you and your family can again be allowed to recreate, camp, mountain bike, dirt bike, 4x4, hunt and fish on these public lands.

All Wilderness Study Areas (WSA) and Roadless Areas in Sequoia National Forest have been evaluated by the BLM and Forest Service and almost all were found to be unsuitable for Wilderness Designation way back in 1988.
These lands have a rich history of Multiple Use and contain mines, cabins, developed campgrounds, roads and trails.

Yet twenty two years later these lands continue to languish and in many cases are subject to inappropriate restrictive and costly management regulations as if they were Wilderness, merely because they have yet to be released.

Recreation and other land uses desired by the community and the public have been and continue to be needlessly restricted or prohibited, such as Mountain Bike, Off Road recreation, camping and many other uses.

The long overdue Release of Wilderness Study Areas (WSA) and Roadless Areas is hampering land management and harming the environment in our National Forests and many other areas of public lands.

Congressman Kevin McCarthy has introduced HR 1581 the ‘Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act” on 4/15/11 to do the following:

  1. Congressman McCarthy's HR 1581 bill will release lands which decades ago were determined by the Forest Service and The BLM to be unsuitable for Wilderness designation.
  2. Families will once again be allowed to enjoy recreation, hunt, fish, mountain bike, dirt bike, 4x4 and camp on these public lands
  3. These lands would once again be actively management as needed to promote forest health and reduce catastrophic wildfires.
  4. These lands would once again provide renewable resources and minerals to reduce our dependency on foreign sources.
  5. These lands would once again generate tax revenue,provide jobs and boost rural economies.
  6. As you may know Wilderness is the most restrictive designation for public lands. Only Congress has the ability to designate lands as Wilderness
    • However the Secretary of the Interior recently released Rule 3310 forcing BLM staff to designate Wild Lands, which would be de facto Wilderness, without Congressional approval.
    • The so called Wild Lands BLM designation would subvert the will of the people and the authority of Congress.
    • Congressman McCarthy’s bill HR 1581 seeks to uphold the original intent of the Wilderness Act of 1964. His bill will restrict further abuses, such as BLM Rule 3310, so lands cannot be treated as de facto Wilderness without Congressional approval

This bill is long overdue. Decades are a long time to keep lands lock up for no valid reason.

The ‘Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act” will finally stop these lands from being managed as de facto Wilderness and return these lands to their intended uses.


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This is a rare opportunity. Normally those of us who value recreation can merely oppose bills which seek to reduce access and lock up more of our public lands. Today we can rally support for a bill to restore much needed recreation access and responsible active management to our public lands.

Right now is is vitally important that you send a letter of support for this bill. Let's not miss this opportunity to preserve access for all and to bring some balance back to our public lands

Bakersfield Californian-says this bill will help even up the scales


In order to get this important bill passed your Congressman needs to hear from you, so he/she will know that you want them to support it. This will only takes a few minutes, they will be happy to hear from you and you will feel good about doing your part and taking back your government.

First look at the list below of Congressman supporting this important bill and if your Congressman is not listed then it is vital that you call them and urge them to- Support HR1581 ‘Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act of 2011”

If your Congressman is listed then please call them and thank them for their support .

Current cosponsors: Reps. Rob Bishop, Ken Calvert, Jason Chaffetz, Mike Coffman, Jeff Denham, Elton Gallegly, Bob Goodlatte, Dean Heller, Wally Herger, Duncan Hunter, Bill Johnson, Raúl Labrador, Jerry Lewis, Cynthia Lummis, Tom McClintock, Buck McKeon, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Kristi Noem, Devin Nunes, Stevan Pearce, Glenn Thompson, Scott Tipton

If you need to find out who your Congressman is then just click here and insert your zip code and then click on the Contact link to get their phone number.

The agencies have identified many reasons why these lands are unsuitable for Wilderness including but not limited to:

  1. Lack of Wilderness Qualities
  2. Military Over flights
  3. Existing Mining Claims within the area
  4. Adjacent to existing communities
  5. Difficulty in signing and patrolling
  6. Difficulty in fencing
  7. Existing historical motorized use
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