Stop Locking Up Millions of Acres of Public Lands with Presidential Proclamations
Ever wonder how the President can "Proclaim" millions of acres of your public lands off limits to most Americans?

You may recall President Clinton, in the last days of his Presidency, just took out his pen and proclaimed huge tracts of your public lands closed.
No public input
No Congressional input
No local input
Just a done deal-
Well No More!!

This was by misusing the little know Antiquities Act of 1906, which was actually created in order to provide a swift way to prevent theft from archeological sites, not the closure of millions of acres of your public lands.
President Obama appears to have plans to lock up millions more acres in the same way

Congressman Devin Nunes (CA) has authored bill HR758 to address the abuses of the Antiquities Act requiring the following before any Monument Proclamation will be approved:
  • Local public hearings
  • Analysis of economic impacts
  • Consultation with your local government
  • Congressional Approval
  • Smallest area possible-No More hundred thousand acre proclamations
  • Perhaps most important to each of us is that any restrictions the proposed Monument will place on water rights, hunting, recreational shooting, grazing, timber production, vegetation manipulation to maintain forest health, off-road  vehicle use, hiking, horseback riding, and mineral and energy leases, claims, and permits, is narrowly tailored and essential to the proper care and management of the objects to be protected.
In short this would make for National Monument Designation Accountability and Transparency, which is also the name of this much needed legislation. 

Presidents will no longer be able to close your public lands with the stroke of a pen.
Instead this loophole will be closed under HR758

In just TWO MINUTES you can Stop the Abuse of Presidential Monument Proclamation and help keep your public lands open to all, productive and healthy.

Please ACT NOW. Click the link below to create your letter urging Congress to Pass HR758  National Monument Designation Accountability and Transparency Act of 2011