OPPOSE Park Service LAND GRAB in Sequoia National Forest
For over 100 years the lands which now make up the Giant Sequoia National Monument have been well managed by the Sequoia National Forest to promote Forest Health, reduce risk of Catastrophic Wildfire and provide a wide range of Recreation activities, facilities and services.  President Clinton recognized the expertise of the Forest Service in managing Giant Sequoias such that he entrusted the Forest Service when he created the "Giant Sequoia National Monument".  He could have-  but did not-  transfer the management of those lands to the National Park Service.  He assured the public that the Forest Service would remain the managing agency. 

Yet Congressman Sam Farr from Monterey, California (CA-17), is proposing to have President Obama use his Presidential power to transfer these 327,769 acres of Forest Service lands to the National Park Service with a single stroke of the pen. 

Congressman Farr is relying on terrible information that is totally bogus.  He bashes the Forest Service for "conducting logging operations" on the "Trail of the 100 Giants."  Little does he know it is a trail for handicapped and disabled people and the accumulation of dead and dying trees was a fatality just waiting to happen.  Public safety is obviously not his concern. 
When the Giant Sequoia National Monument was created in 2000, a top Clinton administration official declared the monument would continue to allow the same recreation uses that existed at the time of the proclamation, with some minor changes. 
President Clinton stated in his dedication speech:
"These lands will continue to be managed by the Forest Service"

The Proclamation would be violated if the lands were transferred to the Park Service.  Park Service laws are different and would prohibit many existing uses the public currently enjoys and were promised they could continue to.  For example:
  • Dispersed camping (outside of a developed campground) is not allowed in national parks.
  • Horseback riding is severely restricted in national parks (and not allowed in many areas).
  • Mountain Biking is rarely allowed on trails in national parks.
  • Entrance fees are required into national parks.
  • Hunting is not allowed in national parks.
  • Snowmobiles are not allowed in national parks.
  • Recreation residences (summer cabins) are not allowed in national parks.
  • Firewood cutting is not allowed in national parks.
  • Livestock grazing is not allowed in national parks.
What part of this does Congressman Farr not understand?
  1. The Proclamation clearly states the Monument will NOT be governed by the Park Service. 
  2. The Proclamation clearly states the Monument will be managed by the Forest Service.
  3. Scientists from the National Park Service acknowledge the health of Giant Sequoias on the lands managed by the Sequoia Forest Service is better than those in the adjacent National Parks.
In just TWO MINUTES you can oppose this land grab by submitting a letter using pre-drafted comments or your own comments to Congressman Farr objecting to his proposed transfer.

Please ACT NOW. Click the link below to create your letter urging Congressman Farr to leave these lands under Sequoia Forest Management as promised to the American people for the benefit of the environment, recreation and the economy.