Stop the Closure of Public Lands and the Wildlands Project

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Due to the leak of internal White House document showing secret plans to designate 13 MILLION ACRES as National Monuments and Wilderness without public input, President Obama announced his new America Great Outdoor Initiative. He seeks to encourage local involvement in the crafting of this new plan, supposedly to encourage urban youth to get out and enjoy the Backcountry and preserve access to the outdoors.

This must be Washington double talk, since locking the majority of the public out of their public lands and discouraging the most popular forms of outdoor recreation, such as Off Road Vehicles and in many cases Mountain Bikes, will clearly discourage the public from enjoying the outdoors. There is just no way reducing access can preserve access. 

Of particular interest is the Landscape Wide Planning and designation of Wildlife Corridors proposed in the President's Outdoors Initiative are also key elements in the United Nations Wildlands Project, which seeks to make 50% of America off limits to humans (Yellow and Red on the map above). It appears all those invited to the DC Conference also support the Wildlands Project. If you don't, then ACT NOW by clicking the link at the end of the email!

In terms of the President encouraging local involvement, we polled over 60 local organizations and could not find one who had been invited to his recent Outdoor Conference in Washington. The folks who were invited and who are partners are those who support closure of public lands such as Sierra Club, Wilderness Society etc.

Those who seek to lock the public off our public lands are counting on our complacency and apathy. It is time to prove them wrong and speak up and be part of the debate!

The President and Secretary Salazar need to hear from each of us. Please ACT NOW. Click the link below and take Two Minutes to send your letter. Feel free to add your own comments.

This campaign is supported by Save The Trails, National Off Road Association and others