Oppose Omnibus Land Grab Act of 2009

The newly elected Congress may hold a vote in the next weeks on a massive land grab bill S.22 that will lock up millions of additional acres of public land, close thousands of miles of recreation trails, harm already struggling rural economies, further reduce renewable resource harvesting, be detrimental to forest health by eliminating all forest management, restrict property rights and hamstring energy exploration in the United States.

The bill would create over 100 new Wilderness Areas, Wilderness Study Areas & Conservation Areas, many without Public or local involvement or support. It would eliminate existing energy production leases, forcing more dependency on foreign energy sources & further increasing the cost of energy in the US. The proposed Wilderness areas do not even meet the intent of the Wilderness Act as untouched by the hand of man.
The bill would codify the National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS) currently consisting of 40 million acres of land administered by the BLM. The NLCS would threaten the Bureau of Land Management's long-standing multiple use strategy by placing conservation and preservation of "nationally significant landscapes" above traditional uses.

Elected officials need to hear loud and clear that the Omnibus Land Act S.22 is Bad for the Environment, Bad for the Economy & Bad for the Public.

Please ACT NOW. Click below & send your letter.

We contacted thousands of people last year asking them to submit letters opposing the bill and it was sidelined. We warned it would come back in the new year with a vengance, but we did not think it would be forced through without adequate public input. Please ACT NOW & tell your friends.

This campaign is supported by Save The Trails, The National Center for Public Policy Research, Citizen's for Balanced Use, Americans for Tax Reform, American Motorcyclist Association and others