Keep Tahoe National Forest Trails Open

The Tahoe National Forest is currently proposing the closure of over 2400 miles of existing forest roads & trails, which are vital for recreation as well as access for management to promote forest health.

Unless more people speak up in favor of preserving these great trails it is likely they will be lost forever. These closures would further concentrate recreation on remaining trails, increase impacts, reduce forest health & harm the economy.

These trails lead to vistas, scenic byways, secluded lakes, creeks and primitive camping. None of these trails have been proven to affect water quality, habitats, or plants.

In just TWO MINUTES you can help by submitting a letter using pre-drafted comments or your own comments to the Tahoe National Forest voicing your concerns that these roads & trails remain open.

Please ACT NOW. Click below to create your letter.

This campaign is supported by Save The Trails, Friends of Forest Hills OHV Trails, Friends of Tahoe Forest Access, Nevada County Woods Riders, Friends of the High Lakes, Rubicon Trail Foundation, CORVA, California Four Wheel Drive and others