Thousands of people took part in the President's America Great Outdoors forum. They posted IDEAS and VOTEDTop Innovators for the ones they thought most important. I have been voted the "Top Innovator" for almost the entire duration of the America Great Outdoors Initiative. The results made it clear the public is tired of closures, something our government needs to hear now more than ever.

Out of the 40 Most Popular IDEAS, 20 of them or half are about more motorized recreation trails, less restrictions and other Ideas that embody the multiple use philosophy. You can see also see them at   

(UPDATE-You can read many of the Ideas I posted at
Sorry but the USDA removed all the webpages listed below on completion of the AGO comment period)

Here is an overview :

The public input is further proof that we need fewer restrictions on our public lands, not more. That the public does not want more Wilderness areas or more Monuments, they want robust access to their public lands for all forms of recreation.

Now it is time for legislators to direct government land agencies towards greater multiple use including more multiple use trails, active management to promote forest health and fewer restrictions. Doing so will enhance and protect our environment by improving forest health, while at the same time help struggling rural economies by increasing tourism opportunities and providing robust recreation access to public lands.

Chris Horgan
Save The Trails

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